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Bill Sharp

Dan Sampson

David Sheir

Eric Lieberman

Erika Butler

Jacob Kuzman

Javier Daire

Jorge Malo

Justin Weissman

Laura Greene

Lauren Maxwell

Martine Lebel

Samantha Robin

Sergio Aleaga

Seth Keyser

Shane Johnson

Shannon Barron

Toni Taylor

Vincent Rodriguez

Todd La Penta

Neil Gonzalez

Laura & Christina Eng

Robert Padron

Ramon Plasencia


Top Agent Magazine’s top mortgage originators, loan officers, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers represent the best of the best mortgage lenders in FloridaFlorida’s top mortgage lenders live, work, and help home buyers and homeowners to secure real estate financing in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St Petersburg, and all cities and suburbs in between.

Top real estate financing lenders included in Top Agent Magazine include both rising stars, who have achieved rapid success and earned incredible reputations for their standards of excellence and professionalism, as well as reliable, tenured mortgage lenders with decades of experience in the Florida real estate market. The loan officers, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and home financing consultants featured in Top Agent Magazine work tirelessly to educate home buyers and homeowners about the mortgage process in Florida. Whether they are working to help a first time home buyer to take advantage of 1st time homebuyer programs, or they are working with veterans to secure VA loans, the mortgage lenders featured in Top Agent Magazine are familiar with conventional, conforming, Jumbo, FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan products.

In addition, all loan originators, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, and loan officers featured in Top Agent Magazine prioritize continuing education for themselves. This is so that they may pass that experience and knowledge onto the REALTORS®, Title Companies and affiliated partners they work with, all the while educating home buyers needing real estate financing, and homeowners looking to refinance their existing mortgage.   Indeed, Top Agent Magazine’s top mortgage lenders all share one common bond:  they put their clients’ real estate financing needs first.

Top Agent Magazine is proud to recognize these top mortgage lenders in Florida for their innovation, their production, their unwavering commitment to working with home buyers and homeowners in Florida, and their expertise in a vast array of loan options for homeowners and home buyers.

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