Going on 2 decades, Top Agent Magazine is the premier real estate magazine featuring the best real estate agents, mortgage professionals, property managers, real estate attorneys, and insurance agents in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Top Agent Magazine features the top-producing and most accomplished professionals in in the real estate industry, offering an in-depth look at their careers and providing a blueprint for their success. The real estate magazine first launched in Los Angeles and quickly expanded across the country and the world. Top Agent Magazine has real estate editions featuring agents in all 50 states as well as international, European, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand editions of the magazine. The Top Agent Mortgage editions feature the top mortgage professionals in the United States.

Top real estate agents from California to New York, Washington to Florida, and throughout Europe and Canada clamor to be featured on the cover of Top Agent Magazine. It is considered a privilege to be nominated and especially to receive the honor of being featured on the cover, as it speaks to a certain success level all real estate agents strive for. Published by an award-winning publisher, the real estate magazine also features articles on up-and-coming real estate agents who are making an impact in their market, as well as industry experts and associated businesses that provide real estate agents with important information that could impact their success.

The only real estate magazine written for top real estate agents about top real estate agents, Top Agent has set itself apart as a trusted source of real estate information and inspiration. We invite you to read more about Top Agent Magazine on the following pages. Here you can learn about our cover feature nomination process and read current editions of the magazine from across the country. You can also see what some of the top agents in the U.S. are saying about the experience of being featured in Top Agent Magazine and learn why many of the world’s most prominent and successful real estate agents request to be featured in Top Agent again and again.

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