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Al “Aspen” Weinschenk
Allan Zapadinski
Alyssa Soto Brody
Amelia Doggwiler
Ann Deane
Ann Folan
Ann Guttman
Ann Marie Damashek
Anthony Butera
Anthony Picone
Anthony Scorsone
Antonia Watson
April H Monaco
April H. Monaco
Arber Balidemaj
Aubrey Guri
Beth Lowe
Bob Mctague
Brian Ward
Casey Sandler
Catherine Madaio
Caylyn Sullivan
Charles Olson
Chintan Trivedi
Christopher Thomas
Claire Bisignano Chesnoff
Claudia Caicedo Lodono
Cynthia Jacinta Keskinkaya
Danielle Bonner
David Kasner
Dean Nugent
Deborah Carpenter-fraass
Dennis Laronga
Dvavid Carnie
Elena M. D’agostino
Emma Iacovone
Eva Lee
Evan Shaffer
Gea Elika
Gino Marino
Giovanni Gonzalez
Greg Rice
Gregory Williamson
Haley Hunter Rutherford
Igor Krasnoperov
Jack Kellehner
Janet Wilkinson
Janyce Selkin & Cindy Servider
Jason Walker
Jay Batra
Jeannette Zapata
Jennifer Bartko
Jessica Mileto
John Mcsherry
John Walsh
Joseph Lombardo
Judy Stern
Katherine Rosbottom
Kathy Woodruff
Keir Weimer
Kelly Squires
Kenneth Kadar
Kevin Damman
Kevin Kalyan
Larry Theodore
Leah Rosenberg
Lori Morrow
Luis D. Ortiz
Margaret Calarco
Mark Key
Marni Richardson
Mckenzie Foster
Melanie Karakatsanis
Melissa Woodcock
Michael Marciano
Michael Shapot
Michaela Viard
Mirium Dunn
Morgan Turkewitz
Nadine Morency Mohs
Nancy Kennedy
Nicholas Campasano
Nick Sakalis
Olga Mayayeva
Pete Zizzi
Rashid Bhuiyan
Rebecca Cavallaro
Robert Schwendel
Ronald John Schwendel
Ruslan Mingazov & Daniel Gamil
Rut Mehta
Samantha Muscato
Scott Stewart
Susan Merdinger Greenfield
Susan Sanchez
Tammie Costello
Tom Postilio & Mickey Conlon
Tom Tripodi
Tomer Hatuka
Vincent Verni
Wassim Fakhereddine
Wynson Ng


Top Agent Magazine’s top real estate agents in New York have earned themselves a reputation for being the best real estate agents.  New York’s top real estate agents and brokers come from New York City, Long Island, Long Beach, and all cities and suburbs in between.  Their unique skills and expertise–ranging from helping first time home buyers; to those who specialize in commercial real estate, short sales, relocation, investment properties and home sales in New York–have earned them the distinction of being named a Top Agent, by Top Agent Magazine, the premier real estate magazine featuring the most reputable agents in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Real estate agents and brokers included in Top Agent Magazine are not exclusively the top producing real estate agents in New York. They include rising real estate stars, who have achieved rapid success in the New York real estate market.  They include real estate agents with decades of experience in the New York real estate market, and have found unique ways of marketing home listings.  They are brokers who make giving back to their local New York communities, and global charities a way of life. They are highly specialized real estate agents who work tirelessly to educate home buyers and sellers about the home buying and selling process in New York.  They make continuing education for themselves, and their real estate teams in New York their top priority.  Yet Top Agent Magazine’s top real estate agents in New York, all share one common bond:  they put their buyers and sellers’ needs first all of the time.

Top Agent Magazine is proud to recognize these top real estate agents in New York for their innovation, their sales production, their unwavering commitment to working with home buyers in New York, their dedication to helping New York homeowners sell their homes for top prices, and their expertise in short sales, investments, second homes and/or vacation homes, and much more.

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Top Agent Magazine New York edition features the best real estate agents, brokers and industry partners throughout the state. From Manhattan to Hempstead and Brookhaven to Islip, our New York-specific real estate magazine profiles the best of the best in New York real estate professionals.

Top Agent Magazine is by design, an educational publication, from which real estate agents can glean insight into how the best real estate agents and brokers in New York rose to the top. Laden with valuable marketing tips, real estate agency best practices, and insight into New York real estate trends; articles in Top Agent Magazine have depth and weight.

The real estate agents featured in the Top Agent Magazine New York edition have earned their place because of their commitment to providing the best real estate service available. They are innovative in marketing your home for sale, renowned for pairing New York home buyers with their perfect home, and experts at negotiating your home sales and purchase prices. These New York real estate agents and brokers specialize in working with home buyers, sellers, investors, home flippers, short sale properties, REO or foreclosed properties, vacation homes, relocation and so much more.

At Top Agent Magazine, we consider every nomination we receive for publication. However, real estate agents, brokers, rising stars and others must meet certain criteria. All real estate agents, top real estate brokers and others profiled in the New York edition of Top Agent Magazine do something unique which makes them stand out from the others. They include rising real estate stars in the New York real estate market. They are real estate agents and brokers with decades of experience in specific communities in New York. They have proven expertise in marketing New York homes for sale. They are the best brokers in the state, who volunteer and spearhead charitable endeavors to benefit the New York communities in which they work, live and play.

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