From the sunny shores of San Diego, to the windswept waterfront of the San Francisco Bay; from the towering palms of the desert to the soaring Sierra Mountains.; from the classic California craftsmen to the contemporary architecturals, California is nothing short of spectacular.

It is no secret—and no surprise—that the state that canvasses every type of climate and encompasses every type of architecture while showcasing some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world also has some of the world’s most talented and successful top real estate agents.

In fact, California has one of the nation’s largest populations of real estate agents and brokers, offering unmatched potential for growth and success in nearly every market. And when these California agents and brokers reach the pinnacle of their career, they end up on the cover of Top Agent Magazine California Edition

A cover feature in Top Agent Magazine’s California Edition is a prestigious honor that is earned by a select few top agents. Top agents from California must be nominated and meet the qualifications to be considered for cover features. For a list of cover qualifications or to nominate a top agent for a cover feature, visit our nominations page.

The cover feature of Top Agent Magazine California Edition allows top agents to be seen throughout the state by other California agents and professionals from associated industries. They are able to share their story and their secrets of success, and provide a template for other agents who hope to be on the cover of Top Agent Magazine California Edition some day. Inside Top Agent Magazine California Edition, up-and-coming agents from across the state are profiled.

Top Agent Magazine has editions in all 50 states and in key markets throughout Europe and Canada, representing the top real estate agents and leaders in their field around the world.

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