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Top Agent Magazine’s top real estate agents in California have earned themselves a reputation for being the best real estate agents in the Golden state.  California’s top real estate agents come from San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, the Central Coast and all cities and suburbs in between.  Their unique skills and expertise–ranging from helping first time home buyers; to those who specialize in commercial real estate, short sales, relocation, investment properties and home sales in California–have earned them the distinction of being named a Top Agent, by Top Agent Magazine, the premier real estate magazine featuring the most reputable agents in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Real estate agents and brokers included in Top Agent Magazine are not exclusively the top producing real estate agents in California. They include rising real estate stars, who have achieved rapid success in the California real estate market.  They include real estate agents with decades of experience in the California real estate market, and have found unique ways of marketing home listings.  They are brokers who make giving back to their local California communities, and global charities a way of life. They are highly specialized real estate agents who work tirelessly to educate home buyers and sellers about the home buying and selling process in California.  They make continuing education for themselves, and their real estate teams in California their top priority.  Yet Top Agent Magazine’s Top California Real Estate Agents, all share one common bond:  they put their buyers and sellers’ needs first all of the time.

Top Agent Magazine is proud to recognize these Top California real estate agents for their innovation, their sales production, their unwavering commitment to working with home buyers in California, their dedication to helping California homeowners sell their homes for top prices, and their expertise in short sales, investments, second homes and/or vacation homes, and much more.

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From the sunny shores of San Diego, to the windswept waterfront of the San Francisco Bay; from the towering palms of the desert to the soaring Sierra Mountains.; from the classic California craftsmen to the contemporary architecturals, California is nothing short of spectacular.

It is no secret—and no surprise—that the state that canvasses every type of climate and encompasses every type of architecture while showcasing some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world also has some of the world’s most talented and successful top real estate agents.

In fact, California has one of the nation’s largest populations of real estate agents and brokers, offering unmatched potential for growth and success in nearly every market. And when these California agents and brokers reach the pinnacle of their career, they end up on the cover of Top Agent Magazine California Edition

A cover feature in Top Agent Magazine’s California Edition is a prestigious honor that is earned by a select few top agents. Top agents from California must be nominated and meet the qualifications to be considered for cover features. For a list of cover qualifications or to nominate a top agent for a cover feature, visit our nominations page.

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Top Agent Magazine has editions in all 50 states and in key markets throughout Europe and Canada, representing the top real estate agents and leaders in their field around the world.