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Top Real Estate Agent in Maryland Myra Wallace-McCloud

If there’s one thing Myra Wallace-McCloud is certain about, it’s that her life purpose is to help others. “I’ve just been so blessed,” she explains. “I will continue helping people for as long as I can.” This determination was apparent from a younger age, when Myra was working as a retail sales manager and captured the attention of a local broker. “I went into a real estate office to get a document notarized, and as I was talking to the owner, he noticed my personality and said I would be a great fit for the office management position they had open.”

After talking to him and his wife, Myra was offered the job. Knowing she could reach tremendous heights in this path, she seized the opportunity, and started two days later. “The rest is history,” she says. Myra learned as much as she could in her first few years. She had a strong Mentor, the late Brandy Britto, and other knowledgeable Realtors® surrounding her, so eventually she earned her license and went out on her own as a Realtor® in 1998.

Myra Wallace-McCloud always inspired to become an entrepreneur someday. Either opening a wedding retail shop, or a liquor store. Never in a million years, did she think she’d stumble into the Real Estate industry, but you can’t predict where or when you’ll discover what you are meant to do in life. Myra was taught at an early age, that if you really want something bad enough in life, you have to work for it. So that is what she did. And worked very hard! It wasn’t always a bed of roses. She overcame any challenge set in her path, including an incident that tested her as a rookie agent.

Myra remembers, starting out, a time when she borrowed her Mom’s car to do her real estate business, and accidentally set the car on fire, following another previous incident with again a borrowed family car rolling down the hill on a new home construction site, damaging it beyond repair. That didn’t stop her. She was the top sales agent of the month, in her office that year, without a car, but having plenty of good customers willing to drive her around.

Needless to say, her Broker made her the agent in the spotlight at the monthly business meeting, to be an inspiration to the other rookie agents, like herself. She has received numerous awards in her career from her Brokerages, and the Board of Realtors for her top performances. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Maryland Association of Realtors. Her business today is 98% referral based, and repeat business.

Serving Maryland and Washington, D.C., Myra plans to start her own team in the near future. Having been in this industry since 1994, she has a wealth of knowledge to share. “I would love to give that knowledge back to other Realtors® who are just starting out,” she says. “I want to instill in them the importance of integrity and the principles of customer service.” Throughout Myra’s career, both in retail and in real estate, she has been focused on providing an exceptional experience to everyone she serves.

Relationships are the center of her business, as she works diligently to form lasting connections with her clients. “I have compassion for people,” she says. “I become like a counselor in some cases. Because in order to understand what their goals are, you have to get to know them and their individual situations.” Myra’s priority is making them happy, and this includes letting them take their time when it comes to decisions. “My slogan in which I created at the end of 1997 is, ‘I won’t pressure you,’ I let them make their own choices. My job is to support and educate them along the way.”

When it comes to her Sellers, Myra Wallace-McCloud has plenty of marketing tools and strategies that spread the word about listings. Currently she is setting up an advanced system to give each property it’s own website. At present they are automatically being placed on various websites. She reaches out to her vast network of past and current clients. Whether she’s assisting a Seller, Buyer, or Renter, Myra goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations. This holds true even after the transaction, she is still available to answer questions or concerns, and is able to point her past clients to other resources, if needed.

During her free time, Myra likes to relax with family and friends. Myra Wallace-McCloud was born in Calvert County, Maryland, in a very loving family of ten children. She is the ninth born. As a child, Myra’s family supported her ambitions of being a success, at whatever she chose to participate in. Whether gymnastics, singing, or being a track star. She excelled at all these things, winning a gold medal, all around, at her very first gymnastic competition, a member of the Royal T’s gymnastic club, at the age of nine.

She also was awarded best all-around gymnast in Calvert County at age eight. She was recorded on a phonograph record (vinyl) at age eight, always soloing for her Glee Club. She was inducted in the Athletics Hall of Fame, at her high school, Calvert High, holding a state record in long jump, she set at the age of fifteen, that still stands today. All this while continuing to ace her Academic studies. “I still do a lot of reading, as I love to educate myself,” she says. Planning for the future is an important part of her day as well, especially as she is careful in her search to develop a dynamic team.

“I will add one new member at a time,” she says. “I want to find people who are motivated to help others.” After a near death experience in 2014, Myra Wallace-McCloud was reminded of life’s importance, and was inspired to continue on her current journey in real estate. “I think about all the people I’ve helped since then, and I just feel so happy that I survived and could make a difference in their lives.”

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Maryland Real Estate Agent Myra Wallace-McCloud

Myra Wallace-McCloud Myra Wallace-McCloud


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