Is starting a team the right solution for your business?

starting a team
Starting a team – You’ve started your own real estate business and after a slow start, you’ve found your footing and business has really taken off. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Until maybe you’re getting more business than you can handle. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice service for more listings. The top-notch level of service you offer is probably what created your boom in business in the first place, so you don’t want to compromise that.

But, at the same down, you don’t want to turn down business either. It’s at this point, a lot of Realtors® consider starting a team. But, how do you know if that’s the right call for you? Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself to help make your decision.

1) Can you afford it?

First things first, are you really making enough money to warrant hiring help? One of the key things to think about is your ability to generate leads. Are you so busy with your existing contracts, that you have no spare time to generate more business? Then, it might be time to consider your options. Figure out the time you’ll be afforded to generate more business, how many more transactions that will lead to, and then see if that pays for the assistant’s wages.

That should help you easily see if it’s worth the investment. If it’s on the border, you may still want to go for it if you have a lot of confidence in the market and your ability to bring in business. If you’re not quite there yet though, it might be a good idea to look into a virtual assistant until your business is ready to expand into starting a team.

2) Are you ready to be a team leader?

Or in other words, how comfortable are you delegating tasks and responsibilities? For some agents, they need to be actively involved in every step of the process. Being a team leader is not only about being able to delegate, it’s about mentoring and guiding your team as well. Not only do you have to help them serve the team better, you need to look at yourself honestly too, constantly evaluating what you can do better.

It’s also your job when starting a team to set up systems and operations, that are constantly refined with the feedback of your team members. Clear and constant communication is key with your clients as well as your team.

3) Can you find people who share your vision?

Of course, the above two points are moot, if you’re unable to find people that you trust and that share your business’ philosophy. Having a supportive and professional team culture is instrumental in a team’s success. These are people you will be working with closely for long hours so you not only need to trust in their expertise and professionalism, you want to find people with a positive attitude.

You will all be relying on each other to create seamless transactions in sometimes stressful circumstances. Having the right team spirit, so to speak, is what will help your business and team grow. The ultimate goal of starting a team is to have thriving careers for everyone on board.

So, if you want to see your business grow maybe a team is right for you. It may even give you a little free time for a personal life. We can all dream, can’t we?