How to Answer the Inevitable Question: Why Should I Choose You?

Choose You

Why Should I Choose You?

In some markets, a real estate agent is competing against thousands of other individuals and teams and you want prospective clients to choose you. There are only so many bells and whistles—so many buzz words you can throw at prospective clients. To a buyer or seller who has interviewed several other agents already, all of it begins to blend together and every real estate agent sounds as though they’re reading off the same script.

Your clients want to know why they should choose you. They want to know what makes you different. It’s highly likely they’ll even ask you this question directly in your initial interview, but as an agent, you might have a hard time coming up with a response that either you or your clients are truly satisfied with to choose you.

To answer your client’s why you must go back to your own why.

What Skills Do You Have That Others Don’t?

Just because there are other agents in your area doesn’t mean those agents have the same skills that you do. We each bring our own backgrounds and experiences to the table. What comes naturally to you? Maybe it’s your negotiating skills or your ability to connect people that sets you apart from the rest.

What Part of the Business Do You Enjoy the Most?

There are skills and then there are passions. In real estate, there’s so much to enjoy. There’s the opportunity to match a family with the right home and the sense of safety and comfort that brings their loved ones. There’s the ability to give someone a sense of financial security by advocating and negotiating on their behalf. And then there’s the houses and neighborhoods themselves—the architecture, history, and community.

What Are Your Accomplishments?

When you look at your client list and the portfolio of work that you’ve built over the years, what are you most proud of? Sure, there are financial rewards, but there are also other accomplishments that your prospective clients will likely be eager to hear about, such as happy client testimonials, a thriving referral business, volunteer and charity work, or even how you lift and support your own team.

Everyone needs money, but those other accomplishments and how you speak about them show your client what kind of person you are and if that’s the type of person they want to work with.

What Are Your Interests?

Real estate might seem like your entire world at times, but you also have a life outside of work. Maybe you like music or traveling or being outdoors. The best part about being a real estate agent is that there are often ways you can thread these interests into your work, like hosting client functions and events.

What Does Your Client Care About the Most?

Let’s face it, your clients likely care the most about only a few things: saving or making the most money, doing it as soon as possible, and making sure that doing so isn’t too stressful. Your response to your client’s question—why should I choose you?—should address these concerns.

Maybe you excel at creating systems that make the selling process efficient and profitable for your client. Or maybe you excel at providing a personalized experience for homebuyers.

Try out a few responses. You might even start with a template: My [skills or passions] helps me [provide this service] because I can [achieve my client’s goal].

Like most things in life, coming up with a compelling and concise response for why clients should hire you will take time and practice.