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Becoming The Best of The Best

Becoming The Best of The Best

Becoming the best of the best as one of the best agents in your market requires hard work, time, and dedication. One of the most important things you can bring to the table is your real life market knowledge and expertise. As you increase your market know ledge IQ, your confidence will grow and you’ll win the trust of your clients.

To do that, you need to know more about your market than the average consumer. That’s more of a challenge than it used to be since consumers can easily find market statistics online, quickly and easily preview listings on the web, and access public records without many barriers.

Clearly, becoming an expert requires effort, more now than ever before. Here are a few things you can do to establish yourself as an expert in your area.

• Select the area you want to become an expert in

• Preview all the homes that come on the market in that area. By attending all the open houses and tracking price reductions on properties in your area, you’ll know the nuances that pictures cannot convey…but be careful with your time.

• Track closings and sold prices in your target area so you become familiar with list-to-sell ratios

• Become familiar with vacant land in your target area

• Get active in the community by doing things like attending county meetings where changes in zoning and housing are to be voted on, and offer your input

• Write articles and offer your expertise to newspapers and radio stations on trends and happenings in your area

• Start a community blog where you Becoming the Best of the Best By Verl Workman post information and articles that affect those homeowners

• Gather e-mail addresses of people interested in what is going on in the area, and begin a monthly Podcast where you discuss trends and market information.

• Read local and national real estate magazines, articles and blogs to stay caught up with what is happening nationwide so you can compare your market to other similar markets around the country.

Technology is a valuable asset for consumers and agents alike, so find ways to put it to work for you. By establishing yourself as the expert and sharing your unique knowledge through public sources like blogs, print media, emails, and unique approaches like Podcasts, and public videos, your customers will increasingly look to you as the definitive source. Data is everywhere, so think in terms of how to educate your customers and make them experts so they don’t have to do all the legwork. By doing so you’ll win their respect and loyalty.

Bottom line: becoming the best of the best means get fully committed to becoming an expert in your chosen career and you’ll reap the rewards.

By Verl Workman

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Becoming the best of the best


Establish yourself as an expert in your area.