Agents with Heart

A pivotal question we pose to featured agents in Top Agent Magazine is, ‘Tell us about your community involvement.’ This query holds immense significance, not only as a benchmark for nominees but also as a crucial factor contributing to the success and prestige of top agents.

Top Agent Magazine agents with heart defines community involvement based on three key factors: Events, Associations, and Charities. Beyond serving clients, top agents demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their communities and the place they call home. Their measures involve volunteering time, financial contributions to organizations helping those in need, and active participation in community events. This distinctive trait is a testament to how their generosity extends beyond clients, enhancing the lives of those in their surrounding communities.

Take Cindy Ambuehl, a former actress and model who has evolved into one of LA’s most sought-after luxury real estate agents, gracing the cover of Top Agent Magazine. Cindy passionately supports PS Arts, a foundation reinstating arts education in schools. Through events and fundraising initiatives, she’s contributed to maintaining art education for an entire year to 30,000 students.

Consider Josh Flagg, whose enormous rise in real estate landed him a spot on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and a cover feature in Top Agent Magazine. Despite his stardom, Josh travels throughout America, mentoring brokers, agents, and students, sharing insights on achieving success. He finds fulfillment in transforming lives through his career and shares, “The most fulfilling part of my career is knowing that I will change somebody’s life.”

These examples are just a peek at how agents with heart engage with their communities. Whether gathering Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, supporting children’s hospitals financially, advocating to end homelessness, or volunteering at local animal shelters, these agents extend their reputation beyond transactions. They’re known not only for their professional success but also for their unwavering support of community causes.

Community involvement is not just an extracurricular activity for top agents; it’s an essential element that molds their individuality and professional ethos. In the real estate landscape, where relationships and integrity are central, active participation in the community builds credibility and fosters meaningful connections. Beyond boosting their reputations, community involvement mirrors a profound commitment to the areas they serve. Agents invested in their communities acquire a deep understanding of local needs and through active engagement, these agents become vital parts of the social tapestry, earning the regard and trust of the community.

“Agents with Heart” displays how top agents have left a mark on the real estate landscape by imbuing their work with heart and soul, influencing lives outside of transactions.