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Terry Naber first visited Colorado Springs way back in 1984, when she and her husband and 2 sons came through on vacation from Amarillo, Texas. “We were so tired of the desolate Texas Panhandle scenery that we mapped our route to go through as many mountain passes as possible.” That’s when she fell in love with Colorado Springs, their last stop. By 1986, the family (that had grown to 6 in number!) made the move, and she says “It was one of the best decisions of my life. This is one of the best places to raise a family I’ve ever been!” She can say that with authority, because as an “Air Force brat”, she’s been to most of the states and lived in both Italy and Germany, in addition to touring many European cities and countries.

“Colorado Springs has a mild four-season climate, with mountain hikes right within the city limits. There is diversity in culture. The good schools, friendly people, and low crime also attracted us. The views are unparalleled with Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet towering over the city. The elevation (6200 feet) also ensures lower humidity and even better, fewer bugs than most places! It was a no-brainer.” Terry never left and raised all 4 kids there, embracing the Colorado lifestyle by hiking, skiing, backpacking, and camping even to this day, still exploring the beauty.

Terry also used her abundant energy to volunteer in building Christian houses of worship over the years. Here she learned many phases and trades in construction. She has also had “hands-on” participation in designing and remodeling kitchens, home additions, replacing roofs, fixing and flipping properties, and learning tile work, drywall skills, insulation, deck design, and so much more, which has helped her recognize problems and advise her clients on repairs. “It is especially handy when I represent buyers who are building a new home.” Personally attending most of her buyer’s inspections has also added greatly to her wealth of knowledge.

The home Terry’s family bought in 1986 was her 7th real estate transaction, and that purchase was one of the first motivating factors propelling her entry into the real estate business. “The seller committed fraud and possibly his agent also tacitly did so.” There was a chronic basement leak that was obvious once the house was vacant. The seller’s agent also grossly misrepresented the square footage and inflated the living room size.

She then consulted with an attorney who gave her bad legal advice which she did not realize until after the statute of limitations had expired. The other 6 real estate transactions were also problematic. She felt drawn to learn more about real estate, if only for self-defense. It became her hobby.

Then, in 1989, she stumbled across Dave Deutsch, a pioneer of Buyer Agency (also client advocacy) that was virtually unheard of at the time. “In working with Dave on a purchase that failed, I realized that I loved his caring and ‘client first’ approach”, instead of being like the other agents she had worked with who left her feeling disappointed, unprotected, and “just another sale.”

“I realized that there was a huge need for agents like Dave since most agents were trained to become super-sales people and use psychological tricks to manipulate people to say ‘yes.’ I hated it when those tactics were used on me, and I could not do that to others.” Just that concept kept her out of the business. “You see, in that era, all agents worked for the sellers and were trained to “sell, sell, and sell!”

Buyers were left out in the cold with no one on their side. When I met Dave, I realized that I could be an advocate like him and asked if he’d take me on as an agent.” So in 1990, after receiving her real estate sales license, Terry joined Dave at J. David & Associates, and stepped foot into one of the most depressed real estate markets in US history! Colorado Springs had been featured in 60 minutes for being the “Repo and Foreclosure Capital of the United States.”

As a newly licensed agent, Terry faced an uphill battle – real estate agents were going out of business right and left, selling anything but real estate. However, following in Dave’s footsteps, the seemingly impossible happened: she was able to close three transactions within her first sixty days, proof that the public embraced her “Client First” approach. She’s been honing her skills in that direction ever since-for both buyers and sellers.

During those first few years in real estate, Terry’s husband (now ex) was the main source of income for the family. But a mere 3 years later, he was fired from his lucrative field service engineer’s position. Suddenly she had to support her family of 6 with commission-only income. She jumped in with both feet, working 60 to 80 hours per week in a male-dominated business, to replace his engineer’s salary. “It was so very difficult, but you never know what you can do until faced with such a challenge. It made me who I am today, so I don’t regret it. It also kept my children’s lives stable.”

Needing a better commission split, she joined Jubilee Real Estate services where she thrived and her business grew at a pace that outstripped the brokerage. In 1995, Nancy referred her to RE/MAX Properties, the top-selling firm in town, where she could rub shoulders with other top agents so she could reach her potential. She has been there ever since, where she still holds her place in the top ten percent of all agents, despite purposely not going after more business that would limit her interaction with each of her clients.

Terry obtained her managing broker’s license in 1996 to further serve her clients. She averages a volume of business that is 2 to 3 times that of the average agent, putting a hard cap of 50 transactions a year. That truly makes her a “Client First” business, instead of a “sale-first” business.

“That’s what guarantees my clients and me the best possible experience”. With this approach, Terry can go to extra lengths for her clients, just like she did for her family. For instance, “I’ve been able to pull off some miracle saves for my clients, like closing on a sale in less than 24 hours from contract to closing. No one knew it could be done, but my widowed client’s sale depended on it, so I just made it happen.

I don’t think that record has been bested yet.” When needed, she also personally stages her listings, and always tailors her service to each client. The decades of experience, the extra training and education she constantly pursues, have given her the amazing ability to resolve potential pitfalls before they even register on the radar of her clients. This seeming “second sight” was acquired over 32 years of selling real estate and solving problems in the area.

Terry holds a number of designations. She is a CRS-Certified Residential Specialist which is held by less than 2% of all agents because of the stringent requirements. She’s had her Managing Broker License since 1996 – the highest level of licensing for Realtors in Colorado. “I am not only qualified to have my own company, but to supervise any number of agents under me.”

Additionally, she is a IRES-International Real Estate Specialist, a RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award for sales now surpassing $100 million, QSC Platinum Award winner for 100% Client satisfaction, and more. Recently, she earned her Senior Real Estate Specialist designation. “I also put my listings in our local MLS with 4500 members, but also in Denver’s main MLS to attract 20,000 more agents with buyers, to create more competition for my listings.”

As a pioneer of the previously unknown category of “buyers’ agent,” Terry is eager to use her still-youthful energy to take on the next hurdles in the industry. Her constant goal is to improve, with the help of her marketing specialist and other staff, to ensure that her listings get the highest exposure to agents and potential buyers. Her high percentage of repeat and referral clients attest to her work ethic, advocacy, and vast experience. “I love what I do!” she says. It led one client to say “Best real estate agent I ever met!”

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Colorado Realtor Terry Naber


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