8 Tips On Using Disruptive Thinking to Improve Innovation

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Improve Innovation – You might be wondering what disruptive thinking is. How can anything disruptive be good? Well, if you’re caught in a stagnant place, shaking things up might be exactly what you need to gain some momentum in your personal or professional life.

Sometimes taking a step out of your bubble will give you a much needed perspective and allow you to achieve the breakthrough you need to take things to the next level. There is no more valuable commodity in today’s business world than innovative thinking, and the key to innovative thinking is breaking down the norms that keep you from being creative and implementing big ideas. Here are some simple things you can do to find opportunities that might be hidden if you stay stuck in the status quo.

1) Take risks.

Without risks, there usually won’t be any major rewards. Sure being steady and careful might keep things going marginally well, but if you really want to go big, you need to go all in sometimes. If you go through the history of great innovations, none of them were achieved by playing it safe. Embrace mistakes. Learn from them, they often provide valuable insight and that will lead to great success on your next attempt.

2) Familiarize yourself with a completely different industry.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but you’d be amazed at what you can learn by looking into successful companies, no matter what the business type is. You’re almost certain to find valuable solutions, systems or technology, that might fit your business, giving you a unique advantage over the competition.

3) Be curious.

Break some of your daily habits, even if it’s as simple as ordering a new dish at your favorite restaurant. Even the smallest changes can help spark a new idea. Always be on the lookout for new ways to do things. Little innovation are all around you. If you remain curious and keep an open mind, you’ll be surprised as to what might spark the next great idea.

4) Pick the brain of a non-expert.

Yes, there is a lot to be gained by having access to someone with an expertise in your field, but you can learn a lot from a newcomer as well. They are a blank slate, and may inspire you with their completely unique point of view on things as someone just starting out.

5) Be less judgmental 

It’s very easy to dismiss a new idea. You have experience and that can oftentimes lead to a million reasons why something won’t work. But there really is no harm in ignoring your initial impulse and thinking it though a bit more. If you or someone you work with has passion for an idea, it’s definitely worth pursuing.

6) Change your perspective to improve Innovation

We tend to look at things in a linear way. If you feel like you’ve stalled out on something, literally flip the script. Re-imagine it from different perspectives, reverse engineer the process. Anything you can do to see it from all angles, might get the creative juices flowing again, and could even lead to a breakthrough. 

7) Value chaos to improve Innovation

Yes, it’s great to be organized and have a plan, but sometimes a little randomness can be that added ingredient that makes it all work. One of the major keys to successful disruptive thinking is breaking up everyday patterns. Sometimes the path to rational solution is filled with chaotic moments.

8) Be willing to let go to improve Innovation

Don’t be rigid. Even the best ideas can always be refined and improved. You’ve invested a lot of time in your idea and it can be hard not to cling to it, but input from other people will only strengthen what you want to do.

Having big ideas is great, but you also need to be pragmatic to improve Innovation. Recognize changes you might need to make to get your big idea implemented. Disruptive thinking is all about flexibility.

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