What to Say to an Annoyed Client

annoyed customer

One of my coaching clients recently had a listing client who was annoyed with her regular listing emails. Below is the exchange, including the message we used in easing his frustrations and assuring him that work was being done to sell his house.

Email from Annoyed Listing Client:
Looks like you’re getting plenty of listings!  In fact, it’s getting rather annoying. Stop sending these and let me know what you are doing to sell my property!

Email to Annoyed Listing Client:
Hi, Oliver.  I have immediately taken you off the listing feed; however, I don’t want you to worry.  We send these listing updates to find buyers!  Anyone who contacts us is evaluated as to their needs first and then their ability to pay.  If your property fits into their criteria, then your property is shown.

Furthermore, all sellers become buyers.  I hope that you chose me as your agent because of the activity we create.  It’s like having a store on a busy street — lots of exposure!

On an individual basis, I have some suggestions on how to increase activity for your home to get sold:
1.    Price reduction
2.    Value enhancement
3.    Etc. (my coaching client listed a few other applicable items)

Please let me know your ability to complete my suggestions.  Also, I would be happy to review the market with you again, based upon new listings, closings, and expireds.

It is always my top priority to achieve my clients’ goals including your goal of moving to a new location for your new career. Clients can be full of emotion.  It’s the REALTOR’s® job to think about systems to create activity. Always let the client know you are the coach of a well-planned game to achieve the client’s goal.  Also, since the discussion is on the table, ask them for some help, too!

By Walter Sanford