Using his life experience as a guide to his Real Estate success, Jeff pulls from his experiences as a 12 year U.S. Air Force Veteran, Fleet Manager with AT&T, and being a small business owner of three companies for over 18 years. His business beliefs are rooted in two things, ensuring you can consistently deliver quality, and to provide the highest level of white glove customer service possible. His practical knowledge has proven that if you do those two things well, they’ll keep coming back. “I’m a proponent of under-promising and over delivering and that makes everyone happy, but I’m known for operating quickly and efficiently in a simplified manner with the core belief of always being available to my clients. Once I work with a client it’s my intention to service them for life because I now have their blessing to reach out to them in multiple ways long after closing. What I hope to create is I’m of value to them. When you create value they’ll pass that along to their friends & family which is the holy grail of Real Estate. My ultimate goal is to be integrated in the fabric of their lives. We all have go to’s whether it be Wal-Mart or Joe’s Plumbing. I want them to feel comfortable enough to text or call me in a natural way and it starts with being open, honest, and as accessible as possible simply by being authentic. I want to be their go to in Real Estate, as he pretends to Drop the mic, while laughing.”

Service was taught as a way of life for Jeff. “Our Mom taught us to help others when we have a chance. Growing up, our family didn’t have a lot but when others around us had greater needs, we shared.” This strong sense of service caused him to form a Non-Profit and use his Mother’s initials as its name calling it, The JBR Fund. “Several years ago when I was coaching High School baseball I discovered a couple of players in dire need of food at home. Along with a couple friends and an investor we set up a program where we order groceries online and the families pick it up in the drive thru biweekly and Harris Teeter bills us monthly. One of the most important aspects was to have the ability to use the drive thru for the privacy of the families. “I wanted to ensure they were treated just like a regular customer without the stigma of receiving charity. It’s the perfect system because we provide groceries they request, no money changes hands, not one of us gets paid, and 100% of the money is spent on groceries. I can promise you this, I’m just a spoke in the wheel with the JBR Fund because it took four of us to create it. It’s bigger than all of us involved.

His past experiences provide him a memory bank of knowledge when it comes to success in Real Estate. Surprisingly, it’s due in part to a failure. “I’ve had a business fail and I don’t view it as a negative. Failure has the potential to provide greater understanding just as much as success if you look for the positive. Trust me, I realize being selected for the Top Agent Award is viewed as success and that’s awesome, but I also understand I’m very small in this universe. I’m thankful for the gifts God has blessed me with and I don’t take that lightly.

Jeff has been fortunate to have several mentors in his Military and business careers that formed his work ethic and leadership style, but his most influential mentor has been his Real Estate Instructor and friend at Superior School of Real Estate, Derrin Dunzweiler. “Derrin is a selfless human being. He’s literally always available to his students. He teaches beyond the book stressing fairness , equality, compassion, using creativity, and exhausting all avenues before giving up on a deal. His passion is contagious and I’m always reminded of his main point of emphasis which is, don’t make Real Estate about us. Make it about them, make it about your client. Derrin gives a college education in life and it just happens to be in the form of a Real Estate course. I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded as a Top 1% Realtor in the USA by Zillow for 3 years in a row and that’s a direct correlation to his influence and guidance. Derrin is nothing short of an award winning Instructor and I’ve benefited greatly from it.

He credits his curiousness and intuition with obtaining the state of the art technology he utilizes. “The days of major Real Estate companies having a lock on advanced systems is long gone. I took the time to not only research but to test various versions of what I have today. This technology not only keeps me organized and informed but allows me to provide wonderful tools to people in the beautiful North Carolina Triad while also giving me the opportunity to serve clients all over the State. I enjoy going to different places and I’m willing to go where my clients need me so the technology I use is exactly what I was searching for and the investment has paid dividends. So far in the first quarter of 2022 I’ve matched my total sales for 2021 so my instincts paid off with the tech companies I’ve partnered with.”

With the belief that business and athletics are mirrors Jeff is an accomplished athlete winning over 260 team or individual awards competing in 6 different sports, in 16 countries, and 28 States, and his competitiveness comes natural. “Let’s be honest, there’s thousands of great agents out there, but in business just as in athletics you must be competitive and have a certain level of drive to be successful. To be one of the best at anything you also need something that separates you from the rest. “I come by it honestly,” he says with a laugh, “my Dad didn’t coddle me, nor did he sugar coat the importance of competing because life is competitive. In his day he was a gifted basketball player and he would always remind me that whatever I do, give it my all and if someone gets bloody don’t let it be you, as he again chuckles. I’m definitely past the bloody part of my life but I’m thankful for the love and DNA he passed to me.”

Since becoming a Realtor 4 yrs ago he’s continued following his business plan every step of the way as his guide while adapting as needed. Using a skill born & honed in the military, he’s found being adaptive is key to Real Estate. During Covid times and in this unprecedented Sellers market this skill has proven paramount. “We were all thrown for a loop when Covid hit with Local, State & National mandates constantly being a moving target. It affected all industries and we weren’t immune. This environment also caused me to be more creative and even more communicative for my clients just to reassure their fears and doubts of the uncharted landscape. It’s been a challenge, but going through this has made me a better Realtor.”

To reach Jeff Rich:
Website: TheOne.Homes
Phone: 336.800.2846


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