real estate agent rachelle rostenIf there is one thing Top Real Estate Agent in California Rachelle Rosten loves, it is adventure. She laughs when she tells stories of how she traveled to Brazil and fished for piranha. This sense of adventure is precisely why she found herself in real estate. Combined with her experience and knowledge, it is this very same fearless nature that makes her an asset to her clients.

She is never afraid to jump headfirst into a deal and if any roadblocks arise, she is quick to find a solution by involving all parties and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork. “Communication is the key to a successful transaction,” says Rachelle. “It is an all too common occurrence that people on each side of the transaction feel they have to ‘duke it out.’ If you keep it simple and straightforward and work together, everyone has a better chance of winning.”

After a successful career as an entertainment publicist with a small company, she determined that she wanted a career change. At the urging of her husband, a commercial real estate broker, she decided to try real estate. For Rachelle, it was love at first transaction.

In addition to working with private clients, Rachelle is extremely skilled in handling complex transactions dealing with the real estate in trusts and probate. Some of her notable clients include Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Brad Parker of Bank of America praises Rachelle’s performance. “Rachelle is our top gun,” he shares. “She is extremely skilled at what she does and we are very fortunate to have her expertise.”

She happily works with both buyers and sellers. “It’s so important to understand the thought processes that go into each side of the transaction in order to negotiate the best deal for my clients,” comments Rachelle. She works closely with her sellers to help prepare a property, in the most cost effective way possible, so that it shows to its best advantage and will obtain the highest and best sale price. She also spares no expense in marketing her listings and is always involved in the entire process from beginning to end.

Her ability to remain calm and collected during times of stress has served her well when handling multiple offers on the properties she handles and she is also a highly skilled negotiator. “I have almost never had a bank deal that has not had multiple offers and when you have more than one person vying for a property it can get pretty tense. I always get the client the best price on the property.”

She pours the same amount of attention into every transaction. As a result of her consistently polished performance, she has built an impressive business based on referrals. Each new client and transaction brings new challenges—challenges that this dedicated real estate professional welcomes.

Rachelle Rosten
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